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As a result of reforms introduced by the Ontario government, there will be changes to your Automobile Insurance Policy effective Sept. 1, 2010. These reforms have been made in an effort to control claims costs, stabilize premiums and provide more choice to consumers. We’ve enclosed a notice from the Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO) about the reform, and additional information will be sent to you by your insurance company when your policy renews.

While the accompanying document highlights the ability to make changes to your policy after Sept. 1, you should be aware that the benefits of switching prior to your renewal are limited. These reforms make the auto insurance product less vulnerable to factors that have recently driven costs upward. These reforms concentrate on long-term stability, not on immediate price reductions. As always, your individual insurance needs and coverage selections will determine the price you pay for insurance.

It is imperative that we discuss your Accident Benefits Coverage needs with you prior to your policy renewal. We would ask that you contact your broker as soon as you receive this letter to discuss your specific needs. Your broker can answer any questions you may have regarding the changes to your policy’s Accident Benefits Coverage’s. To help make sense of your insurance options, we strongly urge you to visit www.understandingmyinsurance.ca to obtain more information on the new Accident Benefits coverage’s and how they will affect you. Once you have reviewed your needs and have determined whether you want to purchase increased limits, we ask you to please complete, sign and return the attached optional accident benefits confirmation form. Please return this form to us either by mail in the enclosed return envelope, by fax at 905-475-0447 or email to info@raigrantinsurance.com. If you require assistance completing this form, please discuss with your broker.

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Accident Benefit Changes Summary

Accident Benefit Confirmation Form