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Rai Grant Insurance BrokersRai Grant Insurance is home to many Music, Film, Video and New Media Clients. Artists, Studios, Producers, Developers and Consultants benefit from the experience and access to markets that Rai Grant Insurance Brokers can offer them. Rai Grant Insurance Brokers has also arranged insurance programs for hundreds of events from Concerts to Festivals to Award Shows.

Christopher A. Case is a specialist broker focused on the Entertainment Sector. With more than 25 years experience in the Entertainment Industry, he brings a practical "street-level" perspective to helping clients identify and manage their risks through a wide range of Property, Liability and Specialty Insurance Programs.

DASbusiness for Musicians Legal Expense Insurance Program

Most recently, Christopher worked with DAS Canada to develop and launch a unique Legal Expense Insurance Policy for the Canadian Music Community including Performers, Songwriters, Composers and Musicians that offers:

  • Unlimited Telephone Legal Advice 7 days a week from 8 am to 12 midnight
  • Legal Defence for alleged criminal offenses including the Highway Traffic Act
  • Contract Dispute and Debt Recovery support for goods and services bought or sold
  • Tax Audit and Tax Appeal support and preparation
All coverage subject to the terms, conditions and exclusions of the DASbusiness for Musicians policy.

Why? Because Christopher knows from first hand experience that:

Situations can and do arise unexpectedly in the Music Business!
How would you and your band benefit from...

Unlimited Telephone Legal Advice

  • A band would like some legal advice about a contract that is being offered to them.
  • A band member wants some legal advice on a "distracted driver" ticket he received while on tour in Alberta.

Contract Disputes and Debt Recovery

  • A self-employed musician has a contract with a venue stating that he will receive a specific percentage of revenue from the show. The venue does not pay him the appropriate amount and the musician wants to take legal action.
  • A group wins "Battle of the Bands" and is told they will receive recording time with a well-known Artist, however the Artist is now refusing his services.
  • A band purchases sound equipment that does not work to the standard that was promised. The manufacturer refuses to repair the equipment.

Legal Defence

  • A band is playing in a bar when a fight breaks out. A band member jumps into the fray and is charged with assault.
  • The Tour Manager on tour with a band is driving in another province and receives a speeding ticket that he wants to fight.

Tax Protection

  • An Artist has received a notice of a Tax Audit.

Having a DASbusiness for Musicians Policy gives you a 1-800 number to call for help with problems like these 7 days a week for 1 year, for less than the cost of 1 hour of a Lawyer's time! It's like a CAA card for legal problems!

Complete the information below and Christopher will contact you to confirm and issue your DASbusiness for Musicians Policy.

DASbusiness for Musicians APPLICATION


Name of Band or Company:
First Name:* Last Name:*
Address:* Phone:*
City:* Phone 2:
Province:* E-Mail:*
Postal Code:* Contact Method: Phone Email:
Do you have any Instrument of Business Insurance currently in place?*
With what company are you currently insured?
What is the expiry date of your current policy?
What is your current annual premium?
Annual Gross Receipts:
Payroll (include amounts self-employed Musicians pay themselves):
For your Application to be considered, please answer the following questions.
In the last 3 years have you had to:
Defend any criminal or health and safety prosecutions?
Defend three or more auto related prosecutions, including traffic tickets?
Respond to any Canada Revenue Agency tax audits or had to appeal any CRA decisions?
Pursue or defend any breach of contract claims with any venues or musical instrument or equipment suppliers?
Take legal advice and/or pursue legal action because you have not been paid for a performance?
If the answer to any of the above questions is "Yes" please provide a brief explanation:
We will be in touch to confirm coverage
and arrange credit card or pre-authorized payment details.