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Rai Grant Insurance Brokers

Can Trade Credit Insurance help your business? ‘Yes’ is the answer from specialists in this field, RAI GRANT INSURANCE BROKERS. As a business owner, CEO, CFO, Controller, Credit Manager or Lender, you need to know that Domestic and International Trade Credit Insurance can help your business in 4 important ways:

  1. Increase your sales
  2. Increase the size of your line of credit
  3. Cut your business risk
  4. Cut your costs by:
    • lowering bad debt write-offs on qualifying receivables
    • reducing the time required to manage customer relationships
    • making collections easier
    • letting you sleep better at night

When your Customer cannot pay, Trade Credit Insurance can!

Trade Credit Insurance or Accounts Receivable Insurance, is a specialty business insurance product that guards against the risk of local or international customers who fail to pay due to default or legal insolvency. Coverage can be tailored to insure your entire Accounts Receivable or a targeted segment.

RAI GRANT INSURANCE – Trade Credit Insurance Specialists

For more than 15 years, RAI GRANT INSURANCE BROKERS has been home to Trade Credit Insurance Specialist, Gord Lais. Gord works closely with every licensed Credit Insurance company in Canada to develop and deliver customized polices that help Small, Medium and Large Business Clients improve the management of their AR and bad debt risk. In addition, we have helped numerous clients increase their financing options through our network of banking, factoring, bonding and supply chain management partners.

To find out how your Company can benefit from a Trade Credit Insurance Program, please contact:

Gord Lais, Trade Credit Insurance Specialist – 416.988.4040 glais@raigrantinsurance.com