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Group Home and Auto Solutions
Pharmacists Association of Niagara Peninsula

Pharmacists Association of Niagara Peninsula

Adding more to our Member Benefits, Pharmacists' Association of Niagara Peninsula in partnership with Rai Grant Insurance Brokers can extend to all members and their families a discount on their personal Home and Auto Insurance. This exclusive Insurance Program is only offered by Rai Grant Insurance Brokers through the Economical Insurance Company of Canada.

Some of the added features with this program include:

  • A complete selection of Home and Auto insurance products at preferred, below retail market rates of up to 30%
  • Monthly payment plans with no service fee (additional 3% savings)
  • Preferred network of contractors, suppliers and auto repair shops with a lifetime guarantee for their work
  • Professional 24-hour claims handling backed by a Claims Service Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Home Insurance Coverage including Homeowners, Tenants Packages, Condominium Package, Seasonal Dwellings
  • Automobile Insurance including Private Passenger Vehicles, ATV's, Motorcycles and Recreational Vehicles
  • Unique coverage and products for high valued homes, secondary homes, seasonal dwellings, rented dwellings, condominiums and high valued vehicles (over $150,000), Watercrafts, Snowmobiles, ATV's.

We really want to show you how much you could save by taking advantage of our preferred Opharm Plan with Economical Insurance. That's why we are offering an exciting incentive: You will get a chance to win $5,000 from Economical Insurance and Rai Grant Insurance just for contacting our office for a quote on your auto or home insurance!


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